Private Training

Training Where You Want It, When You Want It

Training your project team and users is crucial to the success of your project, and 123EPM’s private training is the best way to learn. Our courses, written and taught by experienced consultants, are full of tips and tricks, and instructors’ real-world experience. Private training is a flexible, affordable solution tailored to your needs. Private training can be taught onsite at your location with students all together in the same room, or as Live Virtual Training with students in separate offices around the world. You may also have a combination – some students together in one office, and others attending remotely or from various offices. If multiple students are together in one location, a formal training facility is not required; we find that a simple boardroom works very well to foster discussion and understanding in the classroom. You may choose to have the instructor physically on-site with you, or teaching remotely via WebEx.

Why Choose Private Training

Private training is personalized and tailored to your needs. Our instructors, also experienced consultants, can discuss your specific applications and requirements, and share their real-world experience during class. Private training agendas are customized; we teach what the client needs to learn. For advanced users, classes can potentially be accelerated to provide the same training in less time. Our various modular courses can be combined to fit the needs of the group. And since our instructors are also certified consultants, they can discuss the client’s application and environment during class, even having students view and perform exercises on their application if access is provided.


Private courses can be scheduled when it is most convenient for the entire group.

Private Training Requirements

The basic requirements for private training are a computer for each student and the instructor with internet connectivity, a projector, and a whiteboard. Students do not need to be in a formal training room; a boardroom works well to foster discussion. 123OLAP provides our Cloud Environment for onsite training so that clients can access the software for labs and exercises without having to install a training environment. More time is focused on training rather than troubleshooting installation and configuration issues. More detailed requirements for the training setup will be provided depending on the course selected for training.

Private Training Courses

All of our courses are available for Private Training. Select a course from the "Courses by Product" menu list above for course details.

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