Jython Scripting for FDMEE (2 days)


System administrators, consultants and developers.

Learning Objectives

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Learn how to develop Jython scripts effectively from the ground up. See how scripts can be created and tested in an external editor before being transferred to FDMEE. Gain an understanding of the various script types and the ways in which these can extend your default processes. You will also explore the available objects in FDMEE that can be referenced by scripts.

Course Description

Gain an understanding of basic Jython syntax and how various commands can be accessed. This includes the use of variables, comments, string methods, formatting operators, functions, conditional branches, lists, loops and other scripting features. After familiarising yourself with these features, explore how they can be used in relation to FDMEE details.

Discover how import scripts can be used to tailor the details that are imported to FDMEE during the Import process. See how mapping scripts can be used to customise the mappings that are applied. Discover how event scripts can alter the standard workflow by triggering additional processes and how Custom scripts can be used to enable functionality that needs to be run on an ad hoc basis.

You will gain experience of displaying custom messages, writing messages to the FDMEE process log, executing SQL queries, handling errors and working with text files.

Course Information

Audience: Financial and technical system administrators

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisites: None

Delivery method: O

Advanced preparation: None

Recommended CPE credits: 14 credits 

Day Summary

Day 1: Overview of Import, Mapping, Event and Custom Scripts, Setting up Notepad++ for use with Jython, Overview of Jython Syntax, Writing Customised Scripts.


Day 2: Testing Scripts in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Working with FDMEE Objects, SQL Queries and Error Handling, Working with Files, Case Study/Challenge.

Detailed Agenda

Overview of Script Types
• Understanding Import Scripts

  • Functions

  • File storage

  • Function Parameters

  • Attaching Scripts to Import Formats

  • Testing Import Scripts

• Understanding Mapping Scripts

  • #SCRIPT Mapping Targets

  • #SQL Mapping Targets

  • fdmResult vs fdmResultMap

• Understanding Event Scripts

  • Understanding Event Hooks

  • Testing Event Scripts

  • Reviewing Logs

• Understanding Custom Scripts

  • Script Registration

  • Script Parameters

  • Custom Script Groups

  • Script Execution


Developing Scripts
• Settng up Notepad++

  • Installing Plugins

  • Optimal Settings

  • Viewing Results in Notepad++

• Jython Syntax

  • Variables and Assignment

  • Comments

  • String Method

  • Formatting Operators

  • Functions

  • Conditional Branches

  • Lists

  • Loops

  • Data Types and Conversions

• Testing Scripts in the JVM

  • Initialization

  • Registering APIs

  • Connecting to the FDMEE Database

  • fdmContext


Extending the FDMEE Workflow

• Challenges

  • Writing Import Scripts

  • Writing Mapping Scripts

  • Writing Event Scripts

  • Writing Custom Scripts


Advanced Techniques

• SQL Queries

  • Formating

  • Working with ResultSets

• Error Handling

  • Exceptions

  • Log Levels and Custom Log Messages

  • Testing Process States

• Working with Files

  • Reading from Files

  • Creating and Writing to Files​


This course is offered through our strategic partnership with Keyteach, using state-of-the-art technology and a live environment for hands-on labs. Contact us to schedule a private class, or view the public class schedule.

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