HFM: Rules (3 days)


System administrators and implementation consultants.

Learning Objectives

Find out how to create rules for sophisticated business calculations within HFM.

Course Description

Attendees will explore the methodological approach to designing, maintaining, and running complex rules using VBScript and Notepad++. Gain an overview of rules, statement routines, as well as objects, variables, attributes, loops and functions. Find out about rules for opening and closing balances, no input, testing for members and conditions, VB strings, as well as rules for validations, process control, translation and consolidation.

The course focuses on the design of rules for optimisation of database performance in HFM and also seeks to enable students to troubleshoot effectively by writing log data to text files. Administrators will learn to create advanced calculations to facilitate the translation and consolidation requirements for an organisation. If you’re managing an HFM system, but want a better understanding of existing scripts and the knowledge to write your own efficient calculations, this is the course for you.

Course Information

Audience: Implementation consultants, system administrators.

Duration: 5 days

Pre-requisites: A solid working knowledge of HFM from a System Administrator perspective.

Delivery method: ​

Advanced preparation: None

Recommended CPE credits: 21 credits

Day Summary

Day 1: Understand mainstream calculations within HFM rules and investigate efficient scripting with custom dimensions.


Day 2: Troubleshooting and debugging existing scripts, mass calculation on subsets of data, interaction with process control status flags and custom translation rules.


Day 3: Scripting custom member lists, extended translation, custom consolidation and intercompany processing rules.​

Detailed Agenda

Rules Overview

• Creating basic rules



• Using variables, operators and functions
• Constants
• Period and Year keywords
• Rations and opening balances
• Testing for dimension members
• Retrieving an item of data


Process Control

• Process status
• Calculation status
• Impact Status



• Overview
• Override exchange rate
• Calculate exchange rate difference


Member Lists

• Static member lists
• Dynamic member lists



• Overview
• Intercompany process
• Consolidation function


Calculation Manager

• Overview
• Accessing and reviewing the dimension library
• Using Calculation Manager



• NoInput rules
• Arrays



• Housekeeping
• Rules order
• Using Excel to debug


Data Units

• Using loops and arrays
• Value dimension


This course is offered through our strategic partnership with Keyteach, using state-of-the-art technology and a live environment for hands-on labs. Contact us to schedule a private class, or view the public class schedule.​

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