FCC: Calculations (3 days)


System administrators and implementation consultants.

Learning Objectives

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Learn about the business rules and scripting language used to perform calculation and consolidation within Oracle’s FCC. Gain an in-depth understanding of the options, features and capabilities within FCC. Discover how to create highly sophisticated and custom rules to support complex calculation requirements within this powerful cloud-based financial consolidation solution.

Course Description

Understand how calculation takes place within FCC. Explore the multi-dimensional business rules and calculations scripts and understand the capabilities, features and syntax of how to perform calculation, translation and consolidation within FCC.

This three-day course covers everything required to design, build and deploy effective calculations within FCC applications. Learn about member formulas and when they should be used. Find out about the FCC out-of-the-box calculation capabilities and understand how ‘seeded’ calculations can be modified to amend the standard consolidation process. Discover how calculation manager is used to manage calculations both within the graphical designer and script editor. Learn how to control calculation scope and how to build custom validation rules vs the automated validation on the balance sheet.

Explore the available calculation functions, the associated syntax and understand how to use templates to create reusable code snippets for efficient design of calculation rules. Find out about statutory consolidation rules and strings and how to deploy, duplicate and modify rule sets.

This course also investigates the development of efficient ad hoc ‘On Demand’ rules that add additional flexibility and run outside of the consolidation process.

Course Information

Audience: Implementation consultants, developers, system administrators.

Duration: 3 days

Pre-requisites: None

Delivery method: 

Advanced preparation: None

Recommended CPE credits: 21 credits

Day Summary

Day 1: Understanding Calculation, Member Formulas, Pre-Built Calculations, Calculation Administration.


Day 2: Graphical Rule Editing, Controlling Calculation Scope, Additional Capabilities, Calculation Functions and Syntax.


Day 3: Calculation Templates, Manage Ownerships, Statutory Consolidation Rules, On Demand Rules.

Detailed Agenda

Understanding Calculation

- Consolidation
- Translation
- Calculation Methods

- Ownerships
- Calculation Status
- Dynamic Calculation
- FCCS System Rules
- Business Rule Security


Member Formulas
- Member Formula Syntax

- Dynamic Calculation
- Two-Pass Calculation


Pre-Built Calculations
- Consolidate and Force Consolidate
- Translate and Force Translate
- Translation and Overrides
- Consolidation and Translation
- DataLoad_PreProcess_Consol
- DataLoad_PostProcess_Consol
- DataLoad_PostProcess_Rates
- MetadataLoad_PostProcess_Consol
- FCCSFormStatusProcessor
- RefreshDatabase_PostProcess_Consol

- RefreshDatabase_DelegatePostProcess

- ComputeRates
- RefreshDatabase_PostProcess_Rates
- ClearEmptyBlock


Calculation Administration
- Calculation Manager Views
- Filtering Rules
- Importing and Exporting Rules
- Validation and Analysis
- Database Properties
- Opening, Editing, Copying, Saving,Searching, Printing, Deleting

- Deployment

Graphical Rule Editing
- Introducing the Designer View
- Graphical Rule Components
- The Assembly of Graphical Rules

- Design Principles Within the Graphical Interface
- Transformation to Script


Controlling Calculation Scope

- Block Storage/Creation
- Dense and Sparse
- FIX and IF

- Variables
- Run Time Prompts
- Design Time Prompts


Additional Capabilities
- Cross-Dimensional Operators
- Two Pass Calculation / Back Calcs
- Enabling Automated Balance Sheet Validation
- Calculation Triggers and Copy Data

- User Defined Attributes
- Defining Script Snippets


Calculaton Functions and Syntax

- Common Syntax
- Allocation Functions
- BLOCK Functions

- Boolean Functions
- CALC Functions
- CLEAR Functions
- Conditional and Logical Operators Functions
- COPY Functions
- Date & Time Functions
- EXPORT Functions
- Forecasting Functions
- Mathematical Functions

- Member Set Functions
- Misc Functions

- Range and Financial Functions

- Relationship Functions
- SET Functions
- Statistical Functions


Calculation Templates
- Creating Reusable Code with Calculation Templates
- System Templates
- Custom Templates
- Using Variables within Calculation Templates
- Calling Templates from Rules


Managing Ownership
- Changing Ownership Settings
- Import and Export Ownership Data - Manage Consolidation Methods
- Ownership Settings Year to Year
- Ownership Settings in Forms and Configurable Consolidation Rules
- Review Consolidation Contributions


Statutory Consolidation Rules
- Managing Rule Sets and Rules
- Consolidation Strings
- Rule Sets, Rules and Execution
- Deploying and Undeploying Rule Sets

- Duplicating and Modifying Rule Sets

- Configurable Consolidations


On Demand Rules
- Understanding On Demand Rules
- Creating and Deploying On Demand Rules

- Running On Demand Rules
- Creating On Demand Rules
- Rule Prompts
- Creating Consolidation Rules


This course is offered through our strategic partnership with Keyteach, using state-of-the-art technology and a live Cloud environment for hands-on labs. Contact us to schedule a private class, or view the public class schedule.​

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