Oracle DRM Administrator (4 days)


System administrators

Learning Objectives

Learn how to administer Oracle DRM to manage changes in enterprise master data across information silos.

Course Description

Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) enables organisations to synchronise master data across Enterprise Performance Management applications including BI platforms, financial and analytic applications, and transaction systems. This product was formerly known as Hyperion Master Data Management (MDM).


This 4 day course for System Administrators and Oracle Developers provides a thorough grounding in the architecture and functionality of the DRM software. The course also covers the creation of the tasks, workflows and roles associated with Data Relationship Governance (DRG) that aid the streamlining of the business user experience.


We'll also compare the differences between standard DRM scripting and JavaScript (that provides more flexibility and better performance in terms of the validations that enforce business logic) and your corresponding control of enterprise-wide master data.

Course Information

Audience: System administrators, Oracle developers and consultants

Duration: 4 days

Pre-requisites: None

Delivery method:

Advanced preparation: None

CPE credits: 28 credits 

Day Summary

Day 1: DRM concepts and navigation. Application, version, hierarchy and property creation, formulas


Day 2: Exporting application elements, node types, validations, importing and blending hierarchies, scripts, importing application elements and the batch client


Day 3:Exporting to flat files and SQL tables, comparing application element exports, mappings management


Day 4:Exporting to EPMA, security and transaction log, Data Relationship Governance (DRG) tasks, workflows and roles

Detailed Agenda


• DRM in business contexts
• The DRM and EPMA relationship

• DRM navigation
• Searching for nodes
• Comparing hierarchies
• Working with versions
• System preferences


Application Building

• Creating DRM applications

• Creating versions
• Creating hierarchies
• Hierarchy groups

• Properties
• Inheritance
• Property categories
• Data types and property types

• Custom sort orders


Deriving Property Values

• Formulas
• Version variables
• Hierarchy structures in formulas

• Testing derived property values


Node Types

• The HierarchyNodeType property
• Creatong and configuring node types

• Glyphs



• Real time vs. batch validation
• Creating and assigning validations
• Running validations
• Using the CustPropQuery Validation



• Derived properties using Javascript

• Creating validations using Javascript

• Deriving mapping properties using Javascript


The Migration Utility

• Exporting DRM properties
• Importing DRM properties
• Comparing exported XML Files


Importing Master Data

• Importing master data to a newVersion

• Blending versions
• Setting hierarchy and top node properties
• Using scripts to add nodes
• Updating master data using scripts


Exporting Master Data

• Exporting to a flat file
• Exporting to SQL database tables

• Exporting hierarchies to EPMA


The Batch Client

• Automating tasks
• Automating imports and blends


Managing Mappings

• Managing mappings within DRM

• Restricting node choices



• Managing security
• Creating users and node access groups
• Assigning nodes to node access groups
• Testing security


Auditing the Application

• Auditing master data

• Transaction history
• Using as-of versions


Data Relationship Governance (DRG)

• Tasks
• Workflows

• Roles


Case Study


This course is offered through our strategic partnership with Keyteach, using state-of-the-art technology and a live environment for hands-on labs. Contact us to schedule a private class, or view the public class schedule.

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