Data Integration (Data Management) for EPM Cloud (2 days)


Implementation consultants, developers, technical system administrators.

Learning Objectives

Learn the various approaches for loading source data into Oracle EPM Cloud applications using Data Integration (Data Management). Data Management is available with all Oracle EPM Cloud subscriptions and provides a comprehensive toolset for integrating source data with Cloud applications.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is designed for new EPM Cloud administrators who are not familiar with the ‘on-premises’ FDMEE solution.

Course Description

Explore the look, feel and functionality of Data Management for the Oracle EPM Cloud. Find out how to load data and discover how to synchronise data seamlessly across various systems. This course explores the creation and management of mapping tables and examines the process of building import formats to capture source data in a variety of formats. We’ll investigate the available data load options, such as loading data to multiple periods, adding trial balance and journal data and scheduling import jobs, allowing them to be run automatically.

We’ll also look at how to enhance the standard workflow by building in complexity through the use of import format expressions, logic accounts and advanced mapping techniques. This course is ideal for Oracle EPM Cloud administrators who are looking to maximize the potential of their cloud environments.

Course Information

Audience: Implementation consultants, developers, technical system administrators.

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisites: None

Delivery method:

Advanced preparation: None

Recommended CPE credits: 14 credits 

Day Summary

Day 1: Data Management Process Overview, System Settings, Source & Target Registration, Category & Period Mapping, Import Formats, Locations & Load Rules, Mapping Tables, Importing & Validating Source Files, Import Format Expressions


Day 2: Check Rule Groups, Simple & Complex Logic Accounts, Journals, Batches, Format Mask Mappings, Multi-Dimension Mapping, Multi-Period Loads, Source & Target Options​

Detailed Agenda

• Process overview


Initial Setup
• Edit system settings
• Creating source & targets
• Integration settings


Application Options
• Source & target


Category & Period Mapping


Import Formats
• Creating import formats
• Adding functions and expressions


Locations & Load Rules

• Creating locations
• Creating load rules
• Point of View


Mapping Tables

• Excel templates
• Map loader
• Importing mappings
• SQL mappings
• Format mask mappings
• Multi-dimensional mappings


Loading Test Data Multi-Period Loads

Check Rules
• Check rule groups
• Check entity groups


Logic Accounts
• Creating simple logic accounts
• Creating complex logic accounts


• Journal templates
• Intersections


Loading Trial Balances Batches
• Creating batches
• Executing batches


This course is offered through our strategic partnership with Keyteach, using state-of-the-art technology and a live Cloud environment for hands-on labs. Contact us to schedule a private class, or view the public class schedule.

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