Private Training Rates

Private training is based on the number of students and billed on a daily flat-rate basis. 

Private Training Rates
Private Training Rates
Special Private Training Rates for the following
Modular Bootcamps and Essentials Courses:

We offer discounted rates for 2 or 3 students for the following Modular Bootcamps and Essentials courses:

Modular Essbase Bootcamp - with extra BSO, Security & MDX (5 days)

Modular HFM Bootcamp - including Rules & FR Essentials (5 days)

Modular Planning Bootcamp (5 days)


ASO/MDX Essentials (1 day)

FDMEE Essentials (2 days)

HFM Rules Essentials (1 day)

The daily flat rate is based on the number of students attending each day. Since the Modular bootcamps are designed to allow different types of users to attend specific days for the topics relevant to them, your daily rate may change throughout the week.


For example, with our Modular HFM Bootcamp, you may have 3 administrators attending all 5 days. However, you may have 5 additional users attend the last two user-related days. In this example, you'd pay the 3 student rate for days 1-3 and the 8 student rate for days 4-5.

Private Training Rates - Modular Bootcamps & Essentials

Please contact us if you'd like to schedule private training, or have any questions.